Bring Me to Life

Animated Ads, Animated Book Cover or Banner

Bring your cover or ad to life in an animated gif to share on blogs, websites and social media. 

  • Ads include a script and listings of any information you would like, including websites, Amazon logos, etc.
    Starting at $55*

  • Animated book covers or banners include an animation
    to any cover or banner that you already own.

    Starting at $35*



Big in Japan

eBook Cover $55 *

An eBook cover with serious style!

Title,  textures and photo manipulation with effects.

3 mock-ups to choose from, ready in 5 days!




Print Cover + eBook
Option 1: $110  + a signed copy after print*
Option 2: $125 (no signed copy sent) *

And here's the package for both sides (the paperback package): front cover, back cover, spine and reformat of front cover to match.  Ebook included. Two different payment options available: #1 if you'd like to mail me a signed copy after print or #2 option which does not require you to send me a copy.

Let's Have A Kiki

Bookmarks: $25 

Print Banners: $25

Postcards: $25 

Social media/website banners: $15

Social media/website banner + bookmark OR postcard OR print banner package $35*

Bookmark + postcard OR print banner package $45*

Socia media + bookmark + postcard + print banner package $55*

Get ready to hit the town (or a book signing)!

Designs for bookmarks, banners, postcards, etc. Any size, just tell me the site you're ordering from!



$35 for Box design only
$90 for Box and front eBook cover design

Box sets are all the rage, combine your books for

the untimate cover. 





Girls On Film

60-90 seconds long - $85

This cost is for services only and does not include stock footage (all images must have a purchased license, copyright footage can not be used).


Included animated gif upon request.





Dress You Up

eBook: $40, eBook & Paperback: $90

Simple, quickie Premade eBook cover!









*Starting prices for all packages (except the Premade Covers) do not include stock images or footage.

Read below for more details.

Please contact me with any questions you have!
Know what you like?  Let me know!  Please communicate your ideas carefully,  a fee might apply if there are changes to the initial concept.
Also give me your deadline and I'll let you know if I'm available.
And don't worry...I'm not done till you're 100% happy! 

Like, crazy happy.  Tears in your eyes happy!

You get the hint!

Stock images used in the designs include a Standard Licence if purchased by me.  If you purchase your own image, please provide proof of your licence.  I don't include the price of stock images to the packages because some people have purchased their own, some want a really pricey image or maybe they made a painting and just want to use an image of that...the choice is yours!  Plus I'll help you find an image though, no matter if your budget is $5 or $50.
However if you use a stock image, it is your responsiblity to purchase an Extended Licence should you get crazy popular and sell a large amount of books (read the contract for the amount).  Seriously...when you're a celebrity author, remember to do this!

And guess what?!  I accept PayPal AND all major credit cards!


Here's how it goes:
A $25 non-refundable deposit is required after we agree to work together &  I will send you an invoice for this.  This cost will be deducted from your package price once the cover is finished (example: if you request a Big In Japan package, you'll get a $25 invoice in the beginning and a $30 invoice at the end). 
For Swag, it's the same deal, only it will be a $15 non-refundable down payment then a $10 final payment.  Questions?  Ask me anything!


Alright, let's do this!