Designing Your Book Cover - Write Divas

Today we have a special treat for our readers. Cover designer, trailer creator, animator, and all-around cool chick Jada D’Lee has stopped by for a visit and to bestow a little wisdom about designing your book cover.

While we wait for movie news from Team Fifty (and with E L James currently in L.A., we hope there is some soon!), we thought it would be fun to spotlight a few people who have had an impact on the Fifty Shades journey. Those of you who have been fans of E L James since her fanfic writing days will be familiar with our first guest, Jada D’Lee. A rose by any other name… ;)

Let me take a moment to fangirl all over RoseArcadia, one of the biggest and best fangirls I’ve ever met. Jada is my kind of girl; passionate, creative, good-hearted, and love it or not, she is completely true to who she is. I, for one, love it. There isn’t a fake bone in that woman’s body, and I consider her a true friend.

We’ve already said that one of the reasons we started this site was to follow the journey of some of our favorite fanfiction stories as they enter publication and, for a lucky few, eventually get turned into movies. But as you will see with Jada, there’s more to the journey of these stories than just the author’s.

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